Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Winnipeg Channel Islanders' Society 1914

Dans l'Morning News du 2/2/1914:

Winnipeg Channel Islanders' Society
In celebration of its third anniversary and 133rd anniversary of the Battle of Jersey, the members of the above Society held a most successful banquet at the Royal Albert Hotel, in this City, on Tuesday, January 6th.

A large attendance and a jovial spirit combined to make the gathering a great success, and there was not a dull moment throughout the whole evening. The speeches aroused the utmost enthusiasm, the songs were stirring and the large gathering needed no inducement to join in the rousing choruses of "Beautiful Jersey," "Here we grow the Cabbages," etc., they simply could not have helped it if they had wished to....


Cresson-du-douet. Olives.

Soup D'Espions.

Manchos du Petit Bôt. Sauce Hollandaise.

Pico D'Saint Ou (sauce). J'sis pus rouge que té.

Pais Crappaudins. Patates de Jerri.

Toumattes et Lettues.

Crême gelée et d'la gache de Guernesi. Demi tasse.

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