Thursday, 20 September 2018

Bram & Elie

100 years ago, Jèrriais literature lost two of its biggest names: Philippe Le Sueur Mourant and E.J. Luce. In August 1918, Mourant - creator of Bram Bilo and Piteur Pain - passed away, and a few weeks later E.J. Luce - poet, playwright and great promoter of Jèrriais writing - was struck down by the flu pandemic. To commemorate the centenary of their deaths and celebrate the continuing liveliness and influence of their stories, a collection of stories by the two writers is being published with parallel English translations - most of these texts have never been republished since their first appearance in print. La Société Jersiaise will host an afternoon of readings from the new book "Bram & Elie" with an introduction to other works by the two authors in the context of a celebration of Jèrriais culture.

Members Room, Pier Road 2pm Saturday 29th September 2018. Free entry

Thursday, 13 September 2018

En l'air - In the air

un avion
a plane
un jet
a jet
un hélicoptéthe
a helicopter
l'us d'dêpart
departure gate
la porte dé dêpart
departure gate
to land
to land
to land again
take off
fly away, fly off
to hover
prendre l'vo
to take off
to fly
la vol'lie
to flutter
to flutter
un vol
a flight
lé vol
un/eune pilote
a pilot
la tou d'contrôle
control tower
l's aubes
the engine
to pilot
la pilot'tie
flightdeck, cockpit
la piste
lé run d'attèrrissage
landing strip
lé c'mîn d'attèrrissage
runway, landing strip
un bat'leux
a shuttle
lé soubord
passenger window
the wing
l'êtchipe dé cabinne
cabin crew
eune cliôsée d'avions
an airfield
la montée
the climb
the descent
the approach

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

La Fête du Jèrriais

La Fête Des Normands rapporte:

Enfin, Jersey lance cette année un nouveau festival pour la Fête Des Normands : la Fête du jèrriais, la langue normande de l’île ! Partageons nos formidables patrimoines, matériels et immatériels, nourrissons la diversité culturelle du monde !

Monday, 10 September 2018

La Fête du Jèrriais

Progranme d'la Fête du Jèrriais

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

La Nettithie - Cleaning

airer lé lînge
to air laundry
clean superficially
straw brush
clean; sweep with straw brush
to bleach
bliatchinner les souliers
to polish shoes
to sweep
to dust, wipe
to wax
clean out, clear out, cleanse
d'sêpîler l'lînge
take down washing
clean up, remove dirt
remove mould
dêpîler l'lînge
take down washing
wash partly
mop, mop up
êpîler l'lînge
hang out washing
to sponge, to mop up
to dust
dust lightly
clean again
to wipe
hang out washing
polish, burnish; remove dirt (from pot etc)
êtendre lé lînge
to hang out laundry
eune brînge à bliatchinner
eune brînge à dents
eune brînge à main
eune chique
eune corde à lînge
clothes line
eune cordée d'lînge
a lineful of washing
eune êpile à lînge
clothes peg
eune êponge
eune êtendpèrque
clothes line prop
eune êtente dé lînge
a washing line
eune machinne à laver
washing machine
eune machinne à laver les vaissieaux
eune machinne à rinchi
rinsing machine
eune nettiseuse
eune patouôle
oven swab
eune réveinne
clear-out, clean-up
eune sèrviette
eune souabe
mop up, sponge down
soak before washing
to iron
clean (room, furniture etc)
graie les chambres
clean the bedrooms
graie les soulièrs
polish shoes
juser lé lînge
to wring laundry
la brînge
la lav'thie
washing; laundry; wash-house
la nettithie
la savonnée
lather, suds
la savonnette
shaving brush
la scrobinne-broche
scrubbing brush
wash carelessly
to wash
laver les vaissieaux
to do the washing up
laver la vaisselle
to do the washing up
wash carelessly
lé bliatchîn
shoe polish
lé féthage
lé lavage
lé litchide à laver
washing liquid
lé litchide à vaissieaux
washing up liquid
lé nettissage
lé poudre à laver
washing powder
lé s'tchage du lînge
drying laundry
lé s'tcheux
lé savon
mett' du lînge à hèrbi
bleach laundry in the sun
to clean
to give a good scrub
pâsser l'aspithateu
vacuum, hoover
clean, get ready
swab (oven)
to polish
to press
clean, get ready
to rinse
ramonner eune cheunm'née
to sweep a chimney
to rinse
clean oneself quickly and carelessly
to dry
clean badly
to scrub
teurtre lé lînge
to wring laundry
to wipe
to soak
un bathi à tés
litter bin
un bostchot
waste paper basket
un chanmouais
chamois leather
un dou à laver
un êgoutteux
draining board
un êpousseteux
feather duster
un êssuie-tâsses
tea towel
un êssuyeux
tea towel
un fé à f'ther
an iron
un g'nêt
broom, besom
un laveux
un nettisseux
un polisseux
un rados
clear-out, clean-up
un v'loûsé
polishing pad
un vaton
vacuum, hoover

Monday, 13 August 2018

Privacy Notice

L'Office du Jèrriais

L'Office du Jèrriais is the public-facing branch of Le Don Balleine Incorporated Association.  It is tasked with promoting the Jèrriais language, teaching the language to children and adults and training teachers.

This Privacy Notice applies to personal information collected by L'Office du Jèrriais and explains how L'Office du Jèrriais uses your information and how you can limit our use of that personal data.

We comply with data protection legislation including the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation. This regulates the processing of personal data relating to you and grants you various rights in respect of your personal data.

Information we collect from you

We gather information that relates to, and can identify you (e.g. your name, address and email address).

How we gather information

Information is gathered in the following ways:

from applications to L'Office du Jèrriais, through websites, by phone or by post or by information given in enrollment forms.

from information gathered via trading with L'Office du Jèrriais, e.g. our sales of products or services.

from information gathered from contact forms at events.

Use of your information

We use your personal information to:

1. dispatch sales items;

2. organise classes for the purpose of learning Jèrriais;

3. ensure any products or services you receive are correctly administered;

4. contact you by email or mail to let you know about  products, services or promotions if you give us permission to do so;

5. administer access to L'Office du Jèrriais websites;

6. remember you if you visit our websites and hold information to automatically repopulate certain fields in online forms.

If you have not purchased any products in the previous five years, we will remove your information from our database to ensure we are only keeping data we need.

We normally retain student records for three years after you cease attending a class. You can request that your details are removed as soon as your membership of a class ceases.

If at any point, you would like to withdraw consent of receiving communications from us, or would like to change the channels that we use to contact you, please contact us by email, phone or by post.

Accessing and updating your personal information

You can update your details and marketing preferences by emailing us at or by writing to us at L'Office du Jèrriais, Départément pouor Les Mousses, Les Jannes Gens, l’Êducâtion et l’Agenceté, PO Box 142, Highlands Campus, St Saûveux, Jèrri/Jersey JE4 8QJ.

You have the right to access the personal information held about you. To find out more about your rights as a data subject, visit the Jersey Information Commissioner’s Office website. To obtain a copy of the personal information we hold about you, please send a request to


We do our utmost to protect user privacy. No data transmission over the Internet can be entirely secure, and therefore we cannot guarantee the security of your personal information and/or use of the websites.

Any information that you send is at your own risk and may be read by others. However, once we have received your personal information we use procedures to protect the security of your personal information.

Disclosing your information

We only use your personal information for our own purposes and we do not pass this information on to Third Parties outside L'Office du Jèrriais.

Where we store your personal information

The personal information that we collect from you may be sent outside Jersey but will remain within the European Economic Area (“EEA”).  This information is retained in order to carry out the activities listed in the section “Use of Your Information", in particular for the dispatch of publications and products and the recording of classes purchased from us.

Changes to this Policy

If we change our Policy, we will post the changes through the Blog on L'Office du Jèrriais website, and on You are invited to check the websites regularly for any changes to this Policy. Where changes are significant, we may also choose to email all our registered users with the new details. Where required by law, we will obtain your consent to make these changes.

If you believe that we have not adhered to this Policy, please notify us by email at and we will endeavour to resolve the problem promptly.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Jersey Song Project

The Jersey Song Project takes place Wed 26th Sept with musicians performing original songs in/featuring Jèrriais.

The Jersey Song Project / Midriff from Jersey Festival of Words on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Les ditons dans La Banque - Conway Street proverbs

La leune lévante, la mé bat la banque
Rising moon, the sea beats the (sand)bank / new moon, spring tide

J'îthons dans tchique mathée
we'll go on some tide or other / we'll go one of these fine days

Friday, 3 August 2018

*FREE* Jèrriais classes for adults

V'nez pâler l'Jèrriais - come and speak Jèrriais!

Have you ever thought about learning our native language but never quite got round to it? Well, now is the perfect time to change your desire into reality - and it won't cost a penny!

Jèrriais classes take place at different levels and at three venues this autumn, and we're building a structured progression that can take you from absolute beginner to fluency. So go to and make your new start with our wonderful Jèrriais language!

Nikolaï Goumil'yov - Nikolai Gumilyov

Aniet en 1921 lé poète Russe Nikolaï Goumil'yov fut blioutchi, épis un mio pus tard i' fut tué. Né v'chîn des vèrsions Jèrriaises dé ses poésies.

The Russian poet Nikolai Gumilyov was arrested on this day in 1921 and subsequently shot. Here are some Jèrriais versions of some of his poems.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Des noms d'pliaiche en Jèrriais - Placenames in Jèrriais

Des noms d'pliaiche en Jèrriais
Placenames in Jèrriais

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Teenage takeover

I am a trident student that has been observing lessons and attending evening classes but working at the l'Office de Jèrriais and today we were all at the museum enjoying a coffee but I forgot to get a photo but the work at the office is quite fun and I had a very fun work experience at the office made lots of friends an got to know people and what they did around the office and got to know other people that spoke Jèrriais and I myself had learnt some Jèrriais I can understand it not talk very well yet I think that its very fun and I want to carry on learning it in September.