Monday, 15 September 2014

Lé portrait êcopi - the spitting image

Language Log a bliodgi Spit(ting| and) images:

...argument that both "spitting image" and "spit and image" are probably re-interpretations of an original "spitten image"

In Jèrriais:
  • êcopi = spit
  • ch'est san portrait tout êcopi = he's the spitting image of him
  • ch'est san péthe tout êcopi = his the spitting image of his father

We can also say:
  • (ch'est san péthe) tout êcrit
  • (ch'est san péthe) tout ponnu
  • (ch'est san péthe) tout r'pété

Other spitting expressions:
  • êcopi compangnie = part company
  • i' vit d'êcopi = he lives on nothing but his saliva
  • ch'est coumme êcopi au driéthe d'eune vaque = it's as useful as spitting on a cow's backside (i.e. as much use as a chocolate teapot)

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