Wednesday 6 April 2011

Les Nouvelles Chroniques du Don Balleine

The latest issue of the quarterly Jèrriais magazine is out now and on its way to subscribers (download your subscription form here). As we're into 911-2011 celebration year, the theme of the latest Les Nouvelles Chroniques du Don Balleine is history - with everything from prehistory to alternative history. Wace has pride of place - with the usual sornette on the back cover illustrating Wace's description of Rollo's run-in with the King of France. The picture quiz to date various historic buildings around Town has already baffled many. But there's history out West and out East as well. Plus there's a visual feature on this year's re-enactment of the Death of Major Pierson, and a Jèrriais tribute to "1066 and All That": 911 et tout chenna.

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