Sunday 31 October 2021

La Séthée ès Chorchièrs - Halloween

For Jèrriais spooky poetry (plus bachîn ringing to scare away evil spirits) come to Jersey Museum today 2.30-3.30pm (at entrance, free)


Monday 11 October 2021


 Some notes on the usage of the tréma diacritic (2 dots over a vowel) in Jèrriais



Use of the tréma in placenames seems to follow no logical pattern and seems governed by historical precedent


  • Ouën
  • Rouën
  • Caën



aï = /aɪ/


As in Guernésiais this represents a diphthong. Dictionary examples are nearly all in borrowed words, except for a couple of Eastern pronunciations reflected in spelling


  • baïette
  • baïonnette
  • capsaïzer
  • haï
  • haïjatchi
  • Jamaïtchain
  • Laïesse
  • ouaïeurer
  • païen
  • scaïte
  • suaïse
  • Thaïlandais