Thursday 31 October 2019

European Language Equality Network General Assembly 2019 held in Brittany

ELEN rapporte:
"Several applicant organisations made presentations at the meeting including Yann Rivallain and Samuel Julien from the media organisation Dizale (Brittany), and Ben Spink from the Office for Jerriais."

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Guardian books podcast

The Guardian podcast:

"On this week’s show, we look at endangered languages around the world and how poets and publishers are fighting to keep them alive. Sian sits down with Chris McCabe from the National Poetry Library, which has been asking the public to
contribute to a database of endangered languages since 2017. The resulting anthology, Poems from the Edge of Extinction, features poems in languages from Assyrian to Zoque. Two poets in the collection – Valzhyna Mort, who writes in Belarusian, and Vaughan Rapatahana, who writes in Te Reo – talk about their efforts to spread awareness of their languages.
And Clive Boutle, who runs independent publisher Francis Boutle, comes into the studio to talk about his mission to preserve minority languages by publishing poetry in Livonian, Kernewek, Scottish Gaelic, Catalan, Frisian and many more."

Man bouonhomme est bein malade


Monday 14 October 2019

Jèrriais – the living language of Jersey

Go Cornish - Cornish Language Revival a bliodgi:

"Established in 1999, the Office has been working hard to increase the profile and status of Jèrriais throughout Jersey and beyond whilst teaching the language to people of all ages. "