Thursday 3 March 2011


La Section d'la langue JèrriaiseYesterday evening's meeting of La Section d'la langue Jèrriaise turned out to be somewhat of a reading session. The latest issue of La Voix du Donjon was discussed, especially the colours of cows. The word brîngi brought up a point of interest: one of the members could remember it being used in English conversation to refer to children messing around on their bikes.
The Dictionnaire Jersiais-Français gives one of the meanings of brîngi as a verb "aller à grande vitesse" - to go fast. But perhaps this doesn't quite cover the way this word was used as a borrowing in Jersey English. Scoot around, whizz around, bomb around?

The Section decided which pieces to perform at La Fête Nouormande: Man Toppeur and Tch'est qu'en savait l'pus des deux?

Section members started thinking about ideas for writing for the next issue of Les Nouvelles Chroniques du Don Balleine.

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