Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The European Roadmap for Linguistic Diversity

NPLD a publié "The European Roadmap for Linguistic Diversity":

The Council of Europe, through the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and also the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities has actively supported the promotion of regional, minority and endangered languages. This framework assists in the process of identifying those languages which are at greatest risk in order to assist them in the process of policy developments, identification of needs and appropriate safeguarding measures. UNESCO has also developed a Language Vitality Index, which is reflected in the Atlas for Endangered Languages.

Despite the numerous international initiatives in favour of Europe’s regional, minority and endangered languages, only the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages is a legally binding instrument that contains concrete actions for the promotion, use and revitalization of these languages. At present, 25 states out of the 47 Council of Europe states have ratified the Charter, 14 of which are EU Member States.

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