Thursday, 27 March 2014

Genuine Jersey - Featured member

Genuine Jersey Blog:
At L'Office we work entirely in Jèrriais, which helps in language development and also promotes it to other staff at the Education Department - some of them have begun to pick up a smattering. We spend a lot of time on the teaching of Jèrriais - running classes for children in schools and Pallions (the schools that we use as centres of excellence for after-school teaching), adults at different levels and in the community. For example, we are planning to start an informal conversational group in a St. Helier café to allow people who would like a chance to chat over coffee and to show others who perhaps never encounter Jèrriais in public to hear it. Teaching materials are not available "off-the-shelf" so everything we use has to be created. We make lots of use of social media, with a blog, Facebook page and daily use of Twitter. There's also a lot of administrative work to be done, including answering enquiries from scholars around the world who have an interest in Jèrriais.

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