Sunday 18 December 2011

New head of Manx language teaching appointed

Lé gouvèrnément Manx a annonchi:

Manx language education in the Island will have a new head from January.

Rob Teare will succeed Rosemary Derbyshire as the Department of Education and Children’s Manx Language Officer when Mrs Derbyshire retires at Christmas after seven years in the post.

Mr Teare will head the Manx Language Unit (MLU), based at Unnid Ghaelgagh in Derby Road, Peel, and lead a team of peripatetic teachers who work with pupils from Key Stage 2 right through to Key Stage 5.

Developments in the teaching of Manx in schools mean there are now far greater opportunities for young people wishing to learn the Island’s native language than there were when the subject was re-established in schools in 1992.

A new, two-year, A level qualification has been developed, based on Irish Gaelic exams and replacing the previous, modular qualification, which was designed for distance learning. The qualification is now directly comparable to other language A levels, important when it comes to university entry.

The MLU is responsible for producing all the necessary resources for teaching the language at all levels, including A level, as well as providing teachers for all of the Island’s schools.

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