Monday 26 December 2011

L'êcrithie en Jèrriais - Screivin in Scots

J'avons liu des r'mèrques întérêssantes (ou, pus à co, achéthinnes) entouor la ravigot'tie du Scots coumme langue littéthaithe tchi sont à propos pouor l'êcrithie en Jèrriais. Wulf Kurtoglu a blodgi Style tips for screivin in Scots: avoidin latinity :
We canna expeck tae redd mair nor a proportion o latinate wirds fae oor texts. Bit unless we’re thirled tae technical terminology be the natur o the subjeck in haun, we can aften fin an alternative, mair hamelt, wirdin. There micht no be yae single hamely wird tae replace a latinate yin – that’s whit wey the latinate wirds wis borraed in the first place – bit gaun back a step in the writin process tae the pynt whaur we’re ettlin tae turn conceps intae wirdins, we whiles fin that, if there nae single hamely wird, there micht juist the same be an eidiomatic, proverbial or metaphorical wey o expressin the idea...

The tradeitional walth o the leid offers mony weys tae embellish Scots writin, sae that it can be heezit abuin the everyday athoot needin tae be latinate. Hale blauds o the vocabular haes been owercome be chynges in oor wey o life, an the wirds are kistit in the dictionars, bit they keep on desertin the kirkyaird. Whiles they bide on in eidioms an feigurative senses that can aye be drawn on. Fowk aften haes a passive knawledge o vocabular weill ayont their ain usage – fae the likes o bairn-rhymes an sangs, includin, o coorse, the muckle sangs an the wark o Burns. Likewise dounricht allusion an quotation can be yaised. Thon alloos moribund wirds tae be brocht intae the text alang wi a bittie helpfu context.
San roman "Braken Fences" est "a tale o adventure an romance, and for the discovery, at lang last, o whit wey the Neanderthals dee’d oot."

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