Monday 20 February 2023

Soundcloud update

We're continuing to upload new pronunciation files for thedictionary  (as well as new items of vocabulary and phrases)


We've also decided to take the opportunity to revisit low-fi soundfiles made 3 years ago when we were working during lockdown without access to quality recording facilities.


We'll be re-recording dictionary examples at higher quality, but we're not planning for now to replace the existing files on Soundcloud (preparing for an exciting new project!)


However if there's a dictionary pronunciation example online that anyone would like to have available in a better quality version, we'll try to update on request.


NB most of our soundfiles are freely downloadable (except where we've been given permission to use recordings to be playable, but not to make them downloadable)


The search algorithm at Soundcloud has recently been changed: it has become accent sensitive and fuzzy (and it is longer practical to exclude other search results by including "jerriais", but still helps a lot, though)

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