Monday 7 January 2013

La Chanson de Peirson

La Chanson de Peirson est eune chanson Franco-Jèrriaise (don ch'est pus à co en Français d'Jèrri auve au mains un mot Jèrriais là-d'dans - i' faut chanter "rouai" pouor rînmer)
This is an old song collected in a French version, although the rhyme requires at least one word to be sung in Jèrriais.


Anonymous said...

Rhyme is often irrelevant in traditional folksong, whether English or French.(In fact I know one song that doesn't contain a single rhyme).

L'Office du Jèrriais said...

Indeed, but the use of rhyme in this particular song helps us, as the song predates standardised orthography, to analyse the pronunciation.