Monday 2 January 2012

Indigenous Tweets: 1000 Languages on the Web

Indigenous Tweets: 1000 Languages on the Web:
Since 2003 I've been gathering texts from the web written in indigenous and minority languages. The image above is a "family tree" of the 1000 languages I've found to date, where proximity in the tree is measured by a straightforward statistical comparison of writing systems...

I'm using these data in collaboration with language groups all around the world to develop basic resources that help people use their language online: keyboard input methods, spell checkers, online dictionaries, and so on. This work also underlies the Indigenous Tweets and Indigenous Blogs projects, which aim to strengthen languages through social media.

Êprouvez d'trouver l'Jèrriais sus la carte!
Try and find the place where Jèrriais is located on the chart!

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