Sunday, 15 May 2011

Liberation Day Events at JCG

Lé Collège ès Fil'yes rapporte:
The highlight of the day for many students was listening to our guest speakers Mr. Frank Walker and Mr. Tony Scott-Warren. Mr. Walker is the last surviving member of the Liberation Force and his story brought home the true horrors of war and both staff and students were deeply moved by his talk. Mr. Scott-Warren’s story of the hardships faced by one local Jersey family was equally moving and certainly brought a tear to many.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't get too excitd about this. According to the history department of JCG the island was liberated by our very own first Chief Minister. No wonder he got an OBE!

L'Office du Jèrriais said...

It was in fact Mr Eric Walker, former bomb disposal officer!

L'Office du Jèrriais said...

Et l'Sieur Scott Warren n'a pon d'tithet nitout!
And Mr Scott Warren is, in reality, hyphen-less!