Sunday 15 April 2012


Department of LinguisticsHow many subjunctives in -g- are there?

Liddicoat lists only 3 verbs with velar subjunctives âg-, veing-, and tcheing-; noting that Sèrtchais similarly has vẽdj- and tchẽdj-

Lé Jèrriais Pour Tous lists 5 verbs that take a present subjunctive ending in -g-:

aller, verb go, can conjugate in -g- (but not everyone uses this paradigm):
qué j'âge
qué tu'âge
tch'il âge
qu'oulle âge
qué j'âgions
qu'ous âgyiz
tch'il' âgent

tch'i' prenge

tch'i' tcheinge

tch'i' veinge

tch'il attenge

We also find in literature entendre in one of these subjunctives:
tch'il entenge

And the Dictionnaire states that aveindre can also take a subjunctive in -g-:
tch'il aveinge

Any advance on 7? Not counting compounds, of course.

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