Wednesday 6 July 2016


Raide basically means steep or rigid, but is also used as an intensifier in idiomatic expressions where in English words like very, hard, a lot, loads often appear. Here's a non-exhaustive list of expressions with raide:

steep; rigid, stiff; taut
raide à bas
right down
raide à but
right at the end
un raide but
a long way
raide bein
extremely well
raide bouon
very good
à raide braiche
a lot, hard, vigorously
travailli à raide braiche
work hard
raide dé
dé raide bouôn tchoeu
with a will, very cheerfully
d'sa raide forche
with all one's might

y'avait raide du monde
there were loads of people
j'ai raide à faithe
I've got loads to do
un raide bouôn temps
a very good time
eune raide bouonne chose
a very good thing
un raide dêjeuner
a hearty breakfast

raide coumme eune barre dé fé
stiff as an iron bar
raide coumme un mort
stiff as a corpse
raide coumme un pitchet
stiff as a stake
raide coumme un tangon
stiff as a stem of tangle (seaweed)

filer raide
go at a lick
filer raide bouon
go at a lick
taper raide
hit hard
baithe raide
drink heavily
tuer raide
kill stone dead
tchaie raide mort
drop down stone dead
soûfflier raide
blow hard
êprouver raide
try hard
travailli raide
work hard
êtudier raide
study hard
aver raide appétit
have a hearty appetite
êt' raide pouor
be determined to, be dead set on
êt' raide au collet
be on one's guard

app'yer raide contre la muthâle
press right up against the wall
raide contre
dead against
raide par-dessus
clear over, right over, sailing over

i' li'a donné eune raide paffe
he gave him a right thump
fliantchi eune raide talmoûthe
smack in the chops
un bouôn huilet est raide quémode
a good waterproof is very handy
i' vente raide
it's very windy
eune raide suée d'fraid
a stinking cold
un raide Méthodiste
a strict Methodist

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