Thursday, 20 November 2014

D'la biéthe et du café - Beer and coffee

Les matinnées d'café et d'caqu'téthie continnuent les Jeudis siez Costa - mais tch'est qu'en est pouor les séthées, qu'nou démandent?

Coffee and chat mornings continue at Costa on Thursday mornings - but what about an evening session, those who can't make a morning session have asked?

Make a note: from Tuesday of next week, we're trying as an experiment to have a regular Tuesday early evening get-together at the newly-refurbished Adelphi in the Parade, Saint Helier. Buy your drink (high quality pub grub also available) and join the table with the toad for some relaxed Jèrriais - pick up some phrases or simply listen in. 5.30ish-6.30ish PM, drop in and leave as you want to, or stay longer.

Feel free to contact L'Office du Jèrriais for more details.

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