Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Weekly coffeeshop Jèrriais chat sessions to start in May

Fancy a crapaud-ccino?
Weekly coffeeshop Jèrriais chat sessions to start in May
Some people aren't lucky enough to have Jèrriais speakers in their family or round and about them, or can't regularly commit to attending one of the existing evening classes. But many people say they'd like an opportunity to hear some Jèrriais, or even try out a phrase or two in relaxed surroundings.

In the Isle of Man, Ireland and other places with their own special but lesser-used languages - even Guernsey! - a chance to meet up regularly in a café or other relaxed social environment has proved a popular way to make getting into the local language as easy and pleasant as possible.

Thanks to Costa Coffee and Sandpiper, from Thursday 1st May a weekly casual get-together will be held at the Bath Street branch of Costa Coffee between 10.30 to 11.30ish every Thursday. These get-togethers will be free (but people will have to buy their own drinks) and there's no need to book, or stay for the whole session. Beginners can simply sit and listen or learn a weekly phrase or two; those who already have some Jèrriais can practise what they've got and learn some more; while native speakers are also invited to join in and are especially encouraged to come and simply natter away.


jerseybean100 said...

Great idea, I'd love to come and learn my language but sadly some of us have to work. Any chance of an evening session?

jerseybean100 said...

Great idea but what about those of use who work, any chance of an evening session.

L'Office du Jèrriais said...

Currently there are evening classes available at different levels.

We'd also like comments on whether an after-work pub session would be attractive - it's turned out easier to begin with to get space for a chat in a café during the day than in a pub in the evening!