Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Cambridge University linguist launches community project to record Jèrriais

Bailiwick Express rapporte:
Dr. Mari Jones launched "Jèrriais Today" in January with Dr. Julia Sallabank from SOAS University in London to prevent Jèrriais from falling into oblivion as only 1% of Islanders speak it. They both obtained funding from their universities and also received local help on the Island from L'Office du Jèrriais and the department for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture.

Dr. Jones explained: "We aim to create a broad record of just about everybody who speaks Jèrriais on the Island. Future generations will then be able to access the archive and travel in time to listen to their great grandparents speak. It will be a powerful resource! We have given it a start but it is in the hands of the Islanders now, it is very much their project rather than ours."

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