Monday, 17 June 2013

Eune tchestchionn'nie entouor lé Scots - SQA's online-speir anent Scots

Centre for the Scots Leid a eune articl'ye entouor eune tchestchionn'nie entouor l'êcalopp'thie d'l'ensîngnage du Scots.

The Scots Language Centre has an article about a survey about the development of the teaching of Scots.
In the bygane months the Qualifications Authority for Scotland (SQA) haes annoonced its ettle tae haud a twa-wey crack wi fowk athin education in this kintra, anent the growin caws that the Scots leid shuid be gien its ain place an proveesion or whit the SQA caws “separate Units for Scots.”

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