Saturday, 27 March 2010

La Vouée du Dounjoun

La Vouée du Dounjoun N° 5 en normand est parue!

Our Cotentin cousins, Les Amis du Donjon de Bricquebec, have blogged the publication of the latest Norman language issue of their magazine. Some Jèrriais and Dgèrnésiais texts are included among the literary selection. The main theme is the months of the year.

For more Jèrriais texts on the months and seasons, have a look at Les douze mais and follow the links.

And as March nears its end, it's perhaps time to bear in mind the diton: Quand Mar martèle, Avri coutèle.


Anonymous said...

Où’est qu’est man dictionnaithe...?

When March (winds?) hammer, April's cut like a knife? Am I anywhere close? :- )

Hazel; eune folle Angliaîche trying to teach herself JNF (and hoping she hasn't embarrassed herself! *g*)

L'Office du Jèrriais said...

That's it: "when March hammers, April cuts"

No embarrassment required!