Wednesday, 20 April 2016

International Twitterday of Smaller Languages

Thursday 21st of April International Twitterday of Smaller Languages

This is My Language Day #TIML2016

  • Write as many tweets as possible in your language and don’t forget to use your language hashtag like: #jerriais.
  • Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TIML2016 also. We could try to make that hashtag world wide trending topic!
  • Use humour, pictures and stimulate others to use your language as well as the hashtags

Why not simply tweet some simple Jèrriais:

  • Bouônjour à matîn! (Good morning!)
  • J'aime lé Jèrriais (I love Jèrriais)
  • J'aimons l'Jèrriais (We love Jèrriais)
  • Hèque lé Jèrriais! (Hurray for Jèrriais!)
  • J'aime Jèrri (I love Jersey)
  • J'aimons Jèrri (We love Jèrriais)

..or anything else at all.

We've got some Twitter-fiction ready to tweet.

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