Thursday, 31 October 2013

RIP Hamish Robertson CB, MBE, colonial administrator

From an obituary in The Scotsman:
Hamish Robertson CB, MBE, colonial administrator
Born: 6 April, 1931, in Jersey. Died: 10 September 2013, in Dollar, aged 82

Hamish Robertson, who died at his home in Dollar in September, played a critically important role in the early years of Malawi’s independence and later enjoyed a successful career as a senior civil servant in the Scottish Office.

Hamish was born and spent his early years in Jersey, where his father James worked in the Agricultural Department. He began his education in the parish school in Trinity, where the playground language was Jerriais, and enjoyed the freedom to roam over fields and beaches.

All this came to an abrupt end in June 1940 when the family were evacuated on the last boat to leave before the Germans arrived. Hamish vividly remembered seeing Cherbourg blazing under German gunfire as they steamed north. (...)

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