Saturday, 26 October 2013

L'èrtèrgéthie dé l'heuthe – Putting the clocks back

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Acouo eune fais (once again) it's time to èrtèrgi l'heuthe (put the clocks back). So it's temps (time) to go round l's hôlouoges (the clocks) in order to changi (change) l'heuthe (the hour or the time).

Don't forget la mouontre (the watch) and l's hôlouoges digitales (digital clocks) on all your machinn'nie (appliances). You might need to chèrfouoilli (rummage) for lé livret d'înstructions (instruction booklet) for lé vidgo (the video) before c'menchi (starting) to èrprogrammer (reprogramme) the little mouontréthie blyîntchante (blinking display)!

Those with old-fashioned clocks, such as eune hôlouoge dé grand-péthe (grandfather clock), will perhaps have to carefully adjust les adgulles. But those who still rely on d's hôlouoges à sablion (hourglasses) won't have anything to faithe (do)!

Unless you want an unpleasant surprînse (surprise), remember lé cârillon (the alarm clock). Épis (and then) there might be tchiques systèmes (some systems) around la maîson (the house) that need seeing to étout (as well). Perhaps l'alarme dé seûth'té (burglar alarm) and lé caûffage central (central heating) will need to be ajustés (adjusted).

Mouôn Doue d'la vie! (My goodness) By the time we've finished l'èrtèrgéthie (the setting back) it'll be nearly time for l'avanch'chie (the setting forward) au R'nouvé (in Spring)!

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