Sunday, 4 November 2012

Des buts du Dictionnaithe - Dictionary snippets

Dictionnaire Jersiais-Français contcheint un amas d'entrées tchi connaîssent la caûque-souothis ou f'thaient rithe les cats. Dans chutte séthie, j'en présentons en Angliais tchiqu's'eunes d'întéthêt.
A series of out-of-the-ordinary entries translated from the Dictionnaire Jersiais-Français.
douinne, n.f. Doll. As long as the little girl is with her dolls she's happy. One also says poupette. One can also say, derisively or maliciously, about a vain girl in make-up: He's going to marry a doll; she'll be no use to him on the farm! Besides that one could say about a mistress, if one had to: It seems he keeps a doll..., that he's got a doll with him... Cf. N. dône.

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