Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Les dgiêx mots 2011 - The 10 word challenge

UK traffic sign 523.1
Another in our series on the words in this year's 10 word challenge for Les Nouvelles Chroniques du Don Balleine. The form cliochi is given but, as the very flexible and permissive "rules" go, you can use any form or meaning of the verb cliochi, or of the noun cliochi, or some derivative like clioche (remember, it's the Christmas issue!) or a compound or any idiom. Check out the dictionaries for inspiration.

Here's a short list of cliochi-related words and phrases to help:

  • cliochi = steeple, belltower, belfry
  • cliochi = to limp; to get on, to agree
  • clioche-pid = hopping
  • co du cliochi = weathercock
  • clioches dé Carême = bluebells
  • clioche = bell
  • accorder coumme des clioches = get along like a house on fire

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