Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Des buts du Dictionnaithe - Dictionary snippets

Dictionnaire Jersiais-Français contcheint un amas d'entrées tchi connaîssent la caûque-souothis ou f'thaient rithe les cats. Dans chutte séthie, j'en présentons en Angliais tchiqu's'eunes d'întéthêt.
A series of out-of-the-ordinary entries translated from the Dictionnaire Jersiais-Français.
êloper, v. Shake the tops or stems of potatoes and place the tubers in rows. One can also say êtèrrer. It's the father who digs up, the lad who shakes and the mother who collects. As the term does not appear to apply to any crop other than potatoes, one wonders if it derives from lopîn. (heap, pile) The fork would have originally unearthed them and deposited them in a lopîn.

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